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I am a freelance illustrator and a UI/UX designer who is living in San Francisco.

When I was a kid, my parents made me learn drawing, I just listened to them.

When I grew up, I wanted to be a designer, so I used to draw from 7:30 am to 3 am every day to get into a good fine art university. Studying hard made me finally get into a very famous fine arts university in China.

At that time, I had always hated drawing.  I felt like drawing was just a tool for me to enter higher education to learn design.


I finally fell in love with drawing after I graduated from university.  I became a full-time fashion designer and freelance artist.  I started to understand the role that drawing plays in my life. It is a way to help me think, and help me relax from the real world, as well as understand myself more and connect to my own soul.

The things I draw are always considered weird pieces from my parents. Many years in the past, I loved to do realism sketch, but in the last one to two years, I started trying many different types of art. I like to draw things that barely attract people's attention in our everyday lives. When I do the sketch, most of my artwork is about the particular and fleeting expression of individuals' faces, I found those expressions really interesting. When I create an illustration, I like to draw something that looks exaggerated and unusual. I think about strange things all the time, so when something very interesting that comes up in my mind, I transfer them to my illustration. 

I felt like I always will be able to stand in my own world when I draw. I try to illustrate my special little world to my audiences from my artwork.

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